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Welcome to the LabelTac Support Wiki. This Wiki will catalog various tips & tricks for diagnosing and resolving issues you may experience when using your LabelTac® printer. For more information on the use of your LabelTac® printer, downloads, tutorials and additional product information please visit our support page.

To get started please select the printer model or program you're experiencing issues with below. If your issue is not displayed, or you are in need of additional assistance please contact moc.caTlebaL|troppuS#moc.caTlebaL|troppuS or call 866-777-1360

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Getting Started? If you're a new user, please visit our Getting Started Tutorial for information on setting up your printer and creating your first label



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Creative Safety Supply - Printing supplies, custom labels & signs, floor marking and more! - Additional printer information, download links, tutorials, etc

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