Network Setup Guide

This guide will take you through the process of setting up your LabelTac® printer for use on a network. If you experience any issues with the below steps, please first consult your Network Administrator or contact us through moc.caTlebaL|troppuS#moc.caTlebaL|troppuS or (866) 777-1360

Supported Models

  • LabelTac 4
  • LabelTac 4 Plus
  • LabelTac 4 Pro-E
  • LabelTac 6
  • LabelTac 9

Before beginning please ensure your LabelTac® printer is turned on and plugged into your PC through the USB cable.

Discovering current network configuration

  1. Navigate to your Start Menu
  2. In the search bar at the base of the Start Menu, type cmd - A Command Prompt should appear
  3. In the Command Prompt, type ipconfig /all - This will bring up a list of network devices currently connected to your PC
  4. Scroll through this list until you find the values for the Default Gateway, IPv4 Address (may also be listed as "IP Address") and Subnet Mask
  5. Write down and save the IPv4 Address, Default Gateway and Subnet Mask values

Finding an available IP Address

  1. With the IP Address you received through the Command Prompt, change the value for the last 3 digits to a value between 201-249. Write down and save this new number. For example: If the IP Address was originally you could then change the last 3 digits to - Write down this new number.
  2. Navigate back to the Command Prompt and type Ping IPADDRESS (replace "IPADDRESS" with the value you just created in the last step) then press enter
  3. If the IP Address you created is open, you should receive a message stating "Request Timed Out" or "Destination Host Unreachable". If you receive a different message, that IP Address may already be taken - Change the last 3 digits and try again
  4. If the test was successful, then the number you have created will be used as the IP Address for your LabelTac® printer

Assigning an IP Address to your LabelTac®

  1. Download and open our LabelTac® Diagnostics Utility from the following link: DiagTool Download
  2. Refresh the DiagTool by pressing Get from the bottom-left corner
  3. Select Ethernet Setup from the top-left corner
  4. Check the Static IP option
  5. Enter the new IP Address in the IP Address Field
  6. Enter Default Gateway and Subnet Mask values into their respective fields (Note: Do not change the printer name)
  7. Select Set IP to save this value
  8. Exit the DiagTool

Installing LabelTac® Drivers

  1. Remove the USB Cable from your LabelTac® printer and insert the Ethernet Cable you plan to use
  2. Download the latest LabelTac® drivers from the following link: Driver Download
  3. Extract the drivers you just downloaded (for more information on how to extract a file, please review this Microsoft Support article)
  4. Navigate to your Devices and Printers from the Start Menu
  5. Select Add Printer from the top menu bar
  6. Choose Add a Network, Wireless or Bluetooth Printer
  7. Select The printer I want isn't listed from the bottom menu
  8. Select add printer using TCP/IP
  9. Set the Device Type to Autodetect
  10. In the Hostname/IP Field, enter the IP Address you assigned to your printer earlier
  11. Leave the Query the Printer option unchecked
  12. Set the 'Device Type' to Generic Network Card
  13. When prompted, select Have Disk
  14. Navigate to the driver folder you previously extracted, highlight Creative and then select the Open option
  15. Select your Printer Model
  16. If the LabelTac® drivers have already been installed, select Replace Current Driver. Otherwise, allow the installation to complete
  17. Give your printer a descriptive name (ie, "LabelTac 4 (Network")

Your printer should now be ready for Network use. If you experience any issues with the above steps please consult your Network Administrator for additional assistance, or contact us through moc.caTlebaL|troppuS#moc.caTlebaL|troppuS or (866) 777-1360.

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